• Packaging in modified atmosphere
    Packing coffee and barley in modified atmosphere offers extended shelf life and allows us to preserve the freshness, high quality, aroma and flavor over time making our products more attractive to the customers.

  • Bags with one-way degassing valve
    One-way degassing valves are designed to allow pressure to be released from an air-tight package while preventing air from getting back into the package. Fresh roasted coffees emit a large amount of gas CO2 for several days after roasting. The one-way degassing valve was invented to:

    • package coffee immediately after roasting;
    • allow the CO2 emitted from coffee to escape out of the bag;
    • not allow air to enter the bag to spoil freshness;
    • extend shelf stability.
  • Every lot is roasted to order
    Nothing is sitting around a warehouse waiting to be sent out. We sell only fresh roasted coffee with 24 months shelf life.
  • Upon request our coffee can be produced in any grinding size
    extra-fine, fine espresso, medium etc. and roasting type without any surcharge.
  • The main innovation is simple and at the same time revolutionary
    Fitness Coffee (as also our other products Fitness Tea and Fitness Barley) can replace advantageously in the daily diet traditional beverages as coffee, tea or barley tea, giving to the consumer a large number of health benefits.
    The important advantage is that the quantity and quality of ingredients are such as to provide to our body tens of beneficial properties every day. There are no added vitamins, forbidden herbs or spices, or any other component that could be indicated only for a short limited in time period.
    Our products can be consumed every day all life long.

  • Coffee and tea are in daily use of everyone
    So it’s hard to forget drinking 2-3 daily cups of our Fitness coffee, tea or barley instead of traditional hot beverages. Other advantage for your customers: our products can be prepared in the usual preparation of each family as the respective traditional hot beverages.
    Fitness Coffee and Barley can be brewed with drip-filter, espresso, French press, stove-top moka, boiled, etc.
    Fitness Tea is packed in single-dose pyramidal bags with the advantage of using loose tea (whole leaves, pieces of fruits, herbs, seeds etc.) instead of tea in powder.

  • Customization
    We have a possibility to customize our Fitness coffee, Sensualcoffee and Barley with your company details and other text in any language printing them directly on the side of the bags:
  • All our products are 100% natural vegetal GMO-free
    Without addition of flavoring, sugars, artificial and natural additives. All our products comply with Halal requirements in accordance with Islamic Law. We don't use in our production plants any products of animal origin or their derivatives.
  • The shelf life of our coffee blends and barley is of 24 months, tea of 36 months.